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We hope to hear from you! Please inquire if you have any questions about our Custom Rug Design program or products you find in our online store. All of our products are 100% customizable and we offer home consultations free-of-charge. 

234 Sunnyside Ave.

647 524 0403

TOTEM is a new rug design company based in Toronto Canada. Founders Robyn Waffle and Yvan Semenowycz have aligned to curate contemporary rug collections while they collaborate with industry leaders on corporate and residential carpet design. TOTEM RUG DESIGN works with the trade, the public and other artists to develop some of the most unique rugs and tapestries on the market.


Custom Handmade Rugs & Tapestries

Totem is a rug design company based in Toronto Canada. At Totem we produce contemporary rug collections while we collaborate with industry leaders on powerful forward-thinking design. We believe there is an everlasting quality in rugs and tapestries which make them heirlooms, story-tellers even. We care about this truth and invite people to custom design rugs and tapestries inspired by their beliefs, their interests and their heritage. Our designers have a unique passion for the craft as well as tested, professional experience. At Totem we produce gorgeous handmade rugs with meaning - functional conscious works of art.